NUBIGON has recently signed an agreement with the accent Gr√ľnderservice GmbH to join their incubator. Accent is part of the AplusB technology transfer initiative of the Austrian Government and aims to incentivize entrepreneurial applications of academic achievements in the Lower Austria province of Austria.

The 18-month incubator program of accent includes customized early-phase startup consulting and financial support for founding and development activities. More on the incubation program can be found on the website (in German):

NUBIGON is happy to have been accepted to this incubator. Our participation in this incubator will support our R&D and institutionalization activities in Austria. It will further help us finance early-stage expenses and expand our relations to clients and various government offices. Incubators that make up the AplusB technology transfer program are the entry-level support from the Austrian government and constitute a qualifier for additional government subsidies targeting startups.


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