The severe destruction of historic sites in the Middle East in recent years has accelerated the efforts to document and preserve historic sites. Innovations from the fields of 3D modeling and 3D printing have made significant contributions to these efforts. NUBIGON dramatically expands the possibilities of digitizing, modeling and visualizing historic sites and thereby advances the preservation efforts.

The first laser scanner dataset that we used to develop, test and illustrate our software happened to be a scan of the Terrace House 2 of the famous Ephesus in Turkey. Courteously provided by the Austrian Archaeological Institute (OeAI), this dataset did not only put the performance of NUBIGON to show, but also illustrated the benefits that NUBIGON can bring to archaeology and historic preservation.

The OeAI dataset contains a point cloud with 682 Million points and nearly 192 high-resolution photos, all recorded with a Riegl Laser Scanner and a photo camera calibrated for the laser scanner. We processed this dataset with NUBIGON. It generated an immersive 3D representation of the Terrace House in Ephesus that goes beyond what any competing cloud visualization software can produce, let alone doing it as fast. We have recorded a fly-by tour in this video. Feel free to observe, comment and share!

Not every laser scan project comes with high-resolution photos. But that doesn’t mean that NUBIGON loses its cutting edge; quite to the contrary. Here’s how NUBIGON visualizes the laser scan data of Bispegaarden in Oslo, generously provided to us by Staatsbygg Norway. Please direct your attention to the indoor scenes that were the focus of the scan project. While a trained eye may still detect the slight point cloud character of the model, it is clearly more than just a simple point cloud visualization.

Our clients have appreciated our software all the more, once they found out that this form of 3D surface representation occurs in real time and locally. This means that your processor is used in a uniquely efficient way. With NUBIGON you can manage larger data sets, visualize them in the highest quality and operate with our versatile tools.

What does this mean for applications in the fields of archaeology and historic preservation? It means that 3D visualizations that are normally very time and labor-intensive and often times require the costly use of outside service providers can now be visualized directly through NUBIGON. NUBIGON offers affordable visualization solutions at highest quality, making it infinitely easier to digitally capture historic sites, make them more accessible to wider audiences and preserve them for future generations.


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